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Why hire a web designer?

How to catch potential customers?

Building a good website is an absolutely basic element - in some cases the key element - of success in many companies, especially the ones that are based online. And there is an increasing numbers of such firms. Every year, more and more entrepreneurs purchase a domain, launch a website and try to hit bullseye with their brand new idea that is aimed to revolutionizing the market. 

What is it that makes the difference between a successful web-based company and an unsuccessful one? Of course, there is more than one answer to that question. But it is also sure that web design has a lot to do with that.

Timing has hastened with the use of the Internet. Our eyes jump fast from one thing to another, and we are a single click - a slight move of one of our fingers - away from making anything dissappear from our sight and switching to the next thing. How can a website catch a person's eye enough to stop their half-absent rambling across the web and get the hooked with a promise of some excellent product or service that they could buy? How do you convince a person in a millisecond that your idea is so great and so amazing that it's worth someone else's money?

Make them an offer they can't refuse

Web design is all about instantaneous convincing. The same way the first impression of a person gives you a whole idea of what you think from them, the first impression of a webpage could interest a potential customer or even make him or her hit the close button in the glimpse of an eye. Web design is all about how the company presents itself to the world. This is particularly important for online businesses that do not have a visible face, such as a physical shop. The website is literally the face of the business. It is all that a customer can see, and images hit our brains way much faster than the written word. An engaging text and some punching slogans can do little if the overall design of the page, visually speaking, is poor or lacking.

You must take care of how you website looks the same way you take care of your own appearance or your shop's appearance if you are a seller. You need the right web design to make people feel what you want them to feel when they face your business. Frontpages with the nicest designs will stand out of their competition and make potential customers think that there is something goos about that business. It gives them the impression that the company is serious and professional. Any kind of mistake in the design will be automatically attributed to the company: a messy webpage will make people think that the company can't keep things in order or is often in confusion; a rustic, basic HTML design will make the company look lazy and half-baked; and so forth.

Should you hire a web designer?

Any time that you are hiring somebody to do something for your business, you are making an investment. And every investment should be studied and pondered, because it must have the higher chances of paying off. The thing with web designers is that their usefulness is easy to underestimate - and in fact, it is often underestimated.

For the reasons listed above, hiring a professional web designer to create a compelling, unique, dynamic and pragmatic layout for your website and program it is always a great plus for your company. You should look for some affordable / low cost web design, unless you own a huge company who can put down a lot of money to hire the best designers of the Internet. The thing with low cost web design is that it can be really bad sometimes, low quality and low price. That is why you should get some references and ask for the designer's portfolio before making a decision. If you let phrases like "best prices" or "48 hour turn around" buy you in a millisecond, you are at the wrong line of the line that divides buyers and sellers.

Of course, there are websites that offer you templates or customizable designs for your webpage. However, they are not recommendable. Even if using these templates is much easier and cheaper - often, even free - using a template that who knows how many other people has used before or will use later, implies a huge risk of your webpage looking like many others, and that is no good for it. Good web design is a lot about being memorable, and being memorable is about being unique. Give web designers a chance and build your website with an original, compelling design.

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Happy Clients

Read what some clients said about our services.

It was indeed a pleasure to work with Creative Commercial Media. They paid attention to every minute detail and were extremely accommodating. They went to extremes to make sure that the design was exactly what I had in mind for my website. I would undoubtedly recommend their services to all.
By Mary B. Linkous

Happy Clients

Read what some clients said about our services.

I am sure you will not find a better web designing team than Creative Commercial Media. They are totally attuned to what they do. All the alterations that I needed for my site were done very fast. They built an easy shopping cart for my site which was truly amazing.
By Tilly Brookes