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What Google Changed With Penguin 4

What Google Changed With Penguin 4?

Google has been making changes to its algorithm for many years in order to make searching easier for its customers and also to guarantee that the content on its search engine is valid and accurate. This has been keeping the SEO community on edge as they have to continue making changes to their websites in order to keep their page ranks on Google. The reason for this is that with each algorithm change, the SEO strategies that worked before didn’t work anymore. It all started with the Panda update and has continued on with the Penguin updates that have been subsequently released. The latest update that has been rolled out by Google is the Penguin 4, the last update to the search engine’s algorithm.

Changes Made by Google with Penguin 4 Update

Google has been trying to strike down on manipulation of its algorithm ever since it released the Penguin update. The aim of this update was to penalize websites that used spam links for increasing their page ranks. Penguin 4 is a continuation of this and is the most effective of all previous updates that were released by Google. Visit The Link Auditors if you want to find more about the Penguin 4 update. The following are some of the major changes that Google has made to its algorithm with the Penguin 4 update.     

•    Embedding of the Update into Core Algorithm

The biggest change that Google has made with its Penguin 4 update is that it has embedded it into core algorithm. Unlike other Penguin updates, the Penguin 4 has necessitated a change in the internal engine of Google. This is the reason why this update has taken over 2 years to completely take effect. In the previous Penguin updates, the method of detection of spam links was done manually by a team.

It was a very ineffective method and didn’t help Google a lot in eliminating transgressors. In fact, it penalized a number of the website and left them in a state of limbo as their page ranks didn’t improve even after they removed their spam links. To rectify that, Google has now shelved its manual spam detection team and has chosen to embed the Penguin 4 into its core algorithm so that everything happens in real-time.    

•    New Granular Formula

For the Penguin 4 update, Google has developed a new granular formula for the purpose of detecting spam links. This new formula is more robust and comprehensive in nature. It makes use of a set of tools that searches for unnatural link patterns of domains. This allows it to detect instances of spam and manipulation of algorithm at a very granular level that is on each and every page of a website.

With the granular formula, Google would now be able to detect guilty parties more easily and will be able to hand out punishments more quickly too. Moreover, the entire website is not going to get penalized for transgressions and only specific pages on which the spam links are found are going to be affected.      

•    Penguin 4 is Real-Time

The most significant of all the changes that have been made by Google with its Penguin 4 update is perhaps that it has made it real-time. This means that now Google is able to detect and give out punishments to websites that are found doing spamming much more quickly than ever before. Moreover, the real-time nature of Penguin 4 also ensures that websites that are able to get their spam links removed will no longer have to wait several months to get their rankings improved.
This basically means that if a website is going to get its act together then it will be freed within a short period of time and will be back to its former page rank within no time. This change has been pretty significant and is being welcomed by all the websites that had been hit by the Penguin 3 almost two years ago.  

When Will Penguin 4 Go Live

Google has been very secretive about the actual release timing of the Penguin 4. It is not confirming whether it has gone live or not. However, there are suggestions that it has gone live and has been in the works for sometime already. Google’s refusal to commit to a particular date for rolling out for Penguin 4 is down to the fact that it wants this update to be the final one and doesn’t want to leave anything out to chance. Only after everything is tested and cleared will Google announce when the Penguin 4 had actually gone live.


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